Friday, June 12, 2009


Don't you just hate it when you know you've retalliated with a comeback that pins your parents to a corner where there is nothing else they can say, other than "Don't be a smart-ass"?
My parents are giving me greif right now.
And the 'I've been in this world/I've seen more than you have' comment doesn't phase me.
Age and experience don't necessarily come with intelligence.

Parents need to take a chill pill and understand we do live in a different world to theirs at our age.

Random picture i found in my pictures folder.


Oh My Blog! said...

Parents are... parents!

We cant do anything!

Only understand that they try to do their best with us...

You are very pretty in this photo!
I love your photos!


Francheska said...

I love your blog and i love your style!
would you want to exchange links?
well check my blog out first and let me know!
anyways awesome stuff you got going on here im gonna explore your blog completely right now!
:) x

Emma said...

parents are parents

but maybe they were thinking the same exact thing when they were teenagers too, except with different issues.

shoshi said...

I totally know what you mean. But you know what's even more annoying? When you've just had an argument with them and then afterwards you can't stop thinking about all of the things you could have said to win. I always get that it sucks :( I love your blog by the way :) Check out mine.

Mayumi said...

& love the photo btw.

Anonymous said...

so lovely

Simply Me said...

haha...parents suck.....but that picture is gosh darn beautiful

pangea said...

i have to say, you take some of the best pictures on the wab



Kim said...

I'm guessing you've heard/seen of it, what's your opinion on Emma Watson's involvement in the Autumn/Winter 2009 Burberry campaign, and her being the new face of Burberry? Just curious on your thoughts...

Anonymous said...

I'm in Uni now and i realise...some of the things my parents told me back in day...i'm now seeing it in my life but its all good....u live and you learn. But never think you are verse in how life is or how the world is cause, when u actually in the world and have to make life changing decisions about your future is a whole different thing...As i'm saying...LIFE is the only thing you don't in school or some book! But you have to try and bridge the gap between your world and your parents world because, they are only looking to protect you and guide you in the best way possible....seen!


Sushi said...

That's a really pretty photo of you. I'm lucky I'm old enough not to have to put up with that any more (thank god). Love your new banner btw x Sushi

Adri said...

I'm always fighting with my parent no matter what. They don't understand anything it seems. I don't understand why they have to stress out when I want to stay out late. AHH.. things will never change. Good Luck with the padres

But other then that you look beautiful in your photo : )

Anonymous said...

hey. i like your style and espacially your body!! please can you say me how tall you are. you look small but maybe you arent. i am very small and its very hard for me to find clothes in my size. therefore i ask if it is the same with you.

Anonymous said...

what kind of camera do you have?

Telishah said...

really beautiful picture!

May Kasahara said...


samantha levi said...

gorgeous photo of yourself. love the overall tone.