Saturday, August 29, 2009

Time for a change

Hey guys!
I have two major assignments due next week and I havn't started so there will definitely less blogging time.
Not that I do much anyway x.x

Here's some shots of a day out Liz and I had.

I know these people don't read or know about my blog, so Im going to write something that just annoyed me last night.
Don't read if you don't like highschool teen drama.

Ok, Liz and I aren't picky, its just that there is a lack of 'cool' people in our school to hang out with.
By cool, i mean takes fashion and/or anime/games as a hobby.
Everyone follows the freakkin crowd.
Its got about 1400 kids, and NOONE really knows anything about the two.

We've been sitting with guys who enjoy games, but not on the same platform's and level as we do, and we've just found out some (*cough* most) of the boys don't even like us, even though they act like our best friend to our faces.
Well, they don't like me anyway.
I think mainly because I'm asian and how 'posh' I act.
Ehm, sorry if I like sitting on a clean seat or ground and like my work to be pretty and well presented - thats just me.

But the point is, we've been sitting with these bogans for months!
I don't care about their opinions, I just feel like I've wasted my multimedia knowledge on them.
I've been such a good friend by helping them with their really crap (its grade 7 material people, seriously) assignments, and they don't appreciate it.
I wish I hadn't stuck up for them when my teacher was going to rag on about how shit their work is T_T
Oh, and they're asses to their own friends, like some of them go too far with deceased and racist jokes.
It made me cry to know they were picking on a friend because his mum had passed away.
And these were people I trusted and thought were decent.

We're not even remotely part of the good looking crowd, we have the geeks and 'funny' people.
The two that lead the herd are obsessed with the pretty popular girls.
They speak to them 3 times a week and think they have a chance...

I used to be pretty good friends with most of the popular girls, but then I opened my eyes and realised they were really crap friends who just cared about getting the boys attention and fitting in with the rest of the crowd.
I couldn't beleive this, relatively unattractive group, were just as bad.

We both know this is part of highschool, but I beleive you shouldn't havfe to put up with it.
We don't give a crap if we look like loners - its alot better than being with these people.
I can't wait until I leave these people and get into uni.


jen said...

totally understand your high school drama. i think i was in your type of situation when i was in high school. but you totally have a good way of thinking and it's amazing how you know what you like and want. most of those guys are dumb and it will take them a long time to ever realize how good of a friend they have before they lose you as one.

ella said...

I basically have the same problem and totally understand. It's good to get it out too like you did here. You are such a beautiful, loving person and I don't even know you, it just comes across in your photos and writing.You shouldnt be friends with people if they don't encourage you and build you up and make you feel good. You should want to come to school to see them and want to spend time with them even if you just have larissa. I'd rather have one great friend that totally understands me and gets my intrests i.e fashion etc than have a group of people who may seem nice but really treat me like shit and not even care or take intrest with what I am intrested about. Just keep pushing through till uni and keep your real friends and family close.


ella said...
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LaurenSchoon said...

Those black heels are really really cute! And so are the jeans you're wearing with them!

Anonymous said...

Amen to that :)

Yin said...

I still find it insane how you afford all of the things that you buy. $175?? Forreal??

Hong said...

Wow. How cruel of them! They don't deserve friends, who are caring like you, if they think it is okay to treat a friend like that. I can't understand why anybody anywhere would think it is funny or cool to tease someone about the loss of their mother. That's disgusting. ):

You're so lucky to have another person with exactly the same tastes as you in Larissa.

Sadly this isn't just high school drama though, it seems that it continues through life. I'm in university and this crap still happens. But I hope it is different for you!

Ashley said...

you know the thing is. no matter who you let in your life, everyone has that capability of hurting you. it's something that everyone has to accept. even at times, your beloved family can hurt you.

the most i can say is that you are a beautiful girl with intimidatingly fierce style for someone your age. i can tell that you are very bright and very sharp. most girls your age act the way they do because they're not as comfortable in their skin like you are. but keep being your brave and sweet self.

nice people attract other nice people. and the people who enjoy seeing others hurt...well they're just really insecure and unhappy with themselves...and they will forever be that way until they learn the hard way.

Anonymous said...

I totally know how you feel cause I've been there. Thinking they're your friends and the next day they're your enemies.
And about the racist comments just think about this inspiring quote from Eleanor Roosevelt:

"No one can make you feel inferior without your permission."

You're a beautiful girl,embrace it.

Lauren said...

I think most bloggers out age feel that! We're the people that enjoy totally different things and that means we just don't fit their idea of perfect. I'm so happy being the weird girl that I just don't talk to all the douche bags at my school.

x x x

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I've been eyeing those drool worthy Tony Bianco Don shoes for agesss.

Fashion&Such said...

lovely photos.
and wow, your school sounds horrid.
my year group has been pretty good, there's little seggregation and bullying etc. everyones friends with everyone.
well mostly. but i went to a party the other day and a "cool kid" said sarcastically "what are all these cool kids doing here?" ahhhh. but i do hate the in crowd, they're horrid nonetheless.
& i'm also annoyed how i'm friends with the cool guys but with the geeky girls and it's actually the girls who betray me more.
so i'm in a totally different position to you. I don't have any girl friends in school who i have the same interests as.

long ramble thing, but yaaah, highschool is crap!

PHUONQii said...

i think i should also write a short text to first : in my opinion you will manage all the school stuff.
just believe in you ^^..i wish you luck.
and wtf..the heels are soo expensive :o
i loe your pictures ^^..well done.


xoxo said...

Yeah, high school is basically where you are enveloped within the cess pool of your generation. I'm glad I have decent people at my school that appreciate fashion, art, anime/manga, etc. without being shallow and materialistic. I dropped several friends when I realized that all they wanted to do was talk about boys and makeup, and who said what and who cheated on who.

Julie said...

I completely get what you're saying. This is exactly why I left traditional public school and am now attending cyber school to finish out high school. No one in my area is even remotely interested in fashion and it just got very tiring being around people who mocked heels for being "weird" or "unpractical."

And for the record, it's hard to imagine you be shunned by the "in group" because you're not only completely gorgeous but also have impeccable style. :)


Wauw girl. As if i am reading my own situation back then!

I rather be a loner then someone who doesn't dare to be herself and does what everyone is expecting of her.

You rock :) and the shoes!!!! Woman!! <3

Molly Rose said...

basterds! I think highschool's like that almost everywhere though... *sigh*

a least, though, you have the satisfaction of knowing that one day they all will be fat and forty and you won't!

Miss said...

Wow, There is some big drama in real life highscool too?
well, I'm only going to the 9-grade, soo I don't have that problem..yet. I'm pretty sure that some (or most, i have to say) of my guy friends don't like me, but because I come of as cocky sometimes, but It's actually because I'm kind of self-concious, not that I really am cocky.
But you hold your head high, and It's better to be a loner, than go with the flow!:)

Oh, and I love those black heels!:), You always have such a incredible wardrobe!

a said...

that would be the story of MY LIFE. i think that the farther away from high school you get, the more you can surround yourself with people who are more mature and worldly. maybe when they're older they'll realize how stupid they've acted. good luck!

chantelle said...

i'm so glad our high school wasn't like that!
there is an advantage to single-sex schools no where near male schools. and in the middle of downtown.
people are busy with their own thing.

carrie said...

high school is always like that, just brave through! at least you have a strong friend with you, i think that's super important :)

love. those. shoes.

JVeronicaRose said...

i'm more or less going through the exact same thing.
at least theres only 5 weeks left,
i really can not wait to meet new people at uni next year:)

Ruby said...

You should just enjoy life and not care about them! Just like that now! (:

Seraah said...


Unfortuantly, this happens alot.
I'm 19 now and in uni, and while some people have grown up, you will always find people like the ones you've described, even at uni.

The same thing has happened with many of my friends, I used to have so many friends, but when I saw other sides to them, like the people you described, I decided I didn't need them in my life, that it was better to stay friends with people who are decent and loyal, and not as childish as so many people seem to be.

I love fashion and anime as well :) X

Alba_Shopaholic said...

Beauty shoes!!

AX80 said...

High school is and always will be drama.

On a more positive note, the jean texture is really 90s. I like!

e for eliza said...

Mega! Uni is a-mazing for many reasons but Seraah is right... 'Those' people will be EVERYWHERE. Whether it's school/uni/work.

However once you escape that educational prison, you can choose to leave that sh*t behind. I have. You find people who are just like you. And those that aren't? You don't have to see them. Ever. Right now, school is such a big part of life and all that drama seems to matter. It doesn't.


P.S. You are a-mazing and your bag is a-mazing (I can't choose between the evie sling or shoulder bag).

Vanessa said...

To be so young you have a great sense of style and your blog is reflective of a very unique personality. What you described in your blog is what high school is and you are doing the right thing by staying true to yourself and your real friend. Always keep that attribute about yourself because it does not get any easier as life progresses. People actually become less trust worthy. P.S. Love the shoes.

trina's reality said...

Everything you just said, is how I feel too. I hate to go back to school. My high school is the best in the district, but to me, I don't relate with most of the high school kids and they just go with the crowd. ;[

My high school life might just be less boring and less frustrating if most students are more original and themselves.

I wished almost everyone would stop sucking up to the kids in drama and stop flirting with the history teacher and stop gossiping about the chick who fell down the stairs! Damn it, you 80% of the girls at my school, please stop wearing those extremely ugly "gladiator" sandles from the swamp-meet. You know their ugly and you just buy them because all the other girls have them.

Beginning Boutique said...

That is such a shame about your school. Atleast you have Liz there with you. It must be hard being fashionable living on a farm. Where do you get to shop?
Thanks for your wonderful blog and enjoy what you enjoy!
I am sure that you will find some more kindred spirits.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you are talking about. I have the same issues, at least you have one friend with the same interests... I have 0. I sit with the popular girls at lunch so I don't have to sit by myself. It sucks. Highschool people suck. I wish all the fashion kids could go to highschool together!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I've been reading your journal for a little less than a year, and I think you have fantastic style. Keep doing good things, girl! :)


I've got a problem...

A big problem...

I think I've just fallen in love with your blog!!!!!

king. said...

You know, it's a life :)
just part of it.
but u r smart girl and the uni is so much better than highschool.
good luck then and be brave :)

eli presentacion said...

Ah, high school. I miss it & don't all at the same time! I know how you feel, for awhile in HS I felt like I didn't have any real friends & weeding out the shitty ones sure isn't any fun. But it all gets way better. Everything that happens in HS doesn't matter once it's done! You're fly & amazing! So keep your head up & fuck 'em =)

xoxox, Kristine
(btw, new blog; i keep changing them! sry!)

Ra said...

Hey girl, I've been in your situation before. I'm passionate about fashion, just like you. Though I may not be into anime, I still respect those who are. I'm the same way with classic rock bands. Instead of keeping up with new music trends, I'm scavenging through record stores trying to find some vinyl to play on my record player. Not many people in my high school appreciated that like I do! Keep the friends you have close. Blow off everyone else. College is so much better---there are so many open minded people. You'll find your clique. When I visit my tiny, country, hometown now, I have a completely new attitude than I did when I was in high school. I'm more comfortable with the way I am & I'm confident.

As Coco Chanel once said,

"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different."

Shine On!

fashion nugget said...

Okay, sounds like everyone put their opinion. Here's one more.
I really can relate to you, its like to them youll be the girl you could 'have' but like never really wanted. They get so wrapped up with this fictionalized idea of them with these people they hardly know, and ignore the ones that mean a lot to them.
visit my blog.

LoveJess said...

High school is shit! shit talkers everywhere, people who think they're king shit, and you know what i mean! well i only hang with 2 girls.. and i dont even hang with them outside of school, im with my homeboyssssssss :) who are in uni ! you need to find older people, they're more understanding

EM$ said...

GOOD LUCK IN COMPLETETING YOUR ASSINGMENTS, you look like the type of girl who would do well!!
btw love the bag xxxx

Eva said...
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LAYNE said...

fun fun shots. sorry about the drama.

great blog :)


indie said...

This sounds a lot like my 7-9 grades. Then high school, I found my best friends!

Nice shoes btw.

CC said...

I hate high-school drama.
Love the nude platforms! :)


CC said...

I hate high-school drama.
Love the nude platforms! :)


mel said...

i read ur story.i had a similar experience.unfortunately there are so jealous and mean people around us!AND I LOVE THE HEELS!i hope u bought them!!! i found ur blog today and it's adorable keep it this way!!

LF said...

I know just what you're talking about, I think you did the right thing. It's better to be true to yourself than to act phoney just so that the "cool kids" accept you. I hope that when you're in uni it will be better, I assume people will be more mature.
Anyhow, being cool in highschool doesn't mean sh*t in the real world.

mu lei said...

We're on the same boat, Mega. I don't think it'll be different in university. You can't escape it, not until they we all grow up.

A note - you have a great blog, it has nearly been a year. Keep things up, I'm a keen reader of yours.

Anonymous said...

sweetheart, thts just highschool,
myself being asian, and way to into fashion, copped shit all the time but i can look back on it now, and they are stll al living in a little costal town working in cafes and me i get to wear soulderpads and fu*ckoff platforms daily in the city,

dont let anyone bring you down, and m not sure about your library but mine had all the massive fashion inspiration books,
stay cute,

your shoes are whats up!
totally digging.

Anonymous said...

jeeeeeeeeeeeez, hello mother superior. you might want to stop passing judgement on others for just a while to look at yourself, and how you come across, i dont even know you and im sitting on the other side of australia feeling disgusted.