Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Ugh, I am very dissapointed in myself.
Procrastinating to the point that Im doing all my major assignments to the very last day x.x
Good thing this year doesn't count.
Larissa and I have felt we've been cursed last night.
Her ancient History assignment file was corrupt, and I lost my tablet pen.
She ended up printing her original peice and I found the pen today.

Anyway, one of my favourite brands, MinkPink, is coming out with swimwear!!
I havn't swum in the ocean for 2 years (even though I live less than 5 minutes away from a beach thats' a tourist destination) or swum in my pool for 3.
That sentence sound really dumb but oh well.
A random fact about me is that as a kid, I surfed every morning from 6 till school and every afternoon till it got dark.
I also had a dirtbike and skated with my brothers.
I still enjoy those things but I think I am far too lazy to get up and get all of that ready.

Also, I'll be answering questions this weekend so if you have anything to ask, please comment in this topic.


CANDY DOLL said...

These are gorgeous!

luccie said...

i love minkpink, ive been lusting over the summer range for a while, cant wait till it comes out here - i NEED that floral bikini.
ive just discovered your blog and read practically your whole archives, your style is amazing.
oh and i surf and love it heeaaps, and i totally get the lazy/dont have time thing, its such a hassle.. :(

Sushi said...

Loooooove these! I got their catalogue in the mail yesterday and was coveting everything in it x Sushi

Anonymous said...

Ooo question!
What are you thinking of doing career wise when you leave school?
You're amazing girlll

A Sexy Anonymous

EM$ said...

im starting 'college' sixth form soon, i don't know what you guys call it lol. & i need a bag for it.

which bag do you think is best to use all year around??

fashion doll said...

oao u r so cool
i want to surf but i doont know how haha
who is she???
can u comment and suscribe im new!!!
i suscribeee!!
luv u

Anonymous said...

What is your favorite food?

Fashion&Such said...

This swim wear is gorgeous!
I grew up quite close to the beach & loved swimming & still would if i could.

LAURA. said...

gorgeous stuff!

LAURA. said...

gorgeous stuff!

Miss said...

wow, these are some pretty awesome swimwear!:)

Anonymous said...

what are you favorite hobbies, and aside from that what's the best place to go to in Australia?

Ale. said...

Pretty pieces!


Anonymous said...

Question: What is the most you are willing to spend on a piece?

Anonymous said...

One question that i just thought of: What music are you into?
I loves your blog<3 x x!!

Katey said...

What is your favorite fashion blog/some of your go to sites? Do you have a fav. model?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to read your last post, High school (or school my case -from england ) does indeed suck. I too have just realised that there is probably 1 person remotely interested in fashion etc, and I haven't even found that person.. kind of sucks. So yes just hold tight as we wait for Uni haha. What are you thinking as a career then ? x

love your site said...

can you do some more hair tutorials? :) or make a video and show us your shoe/bag collection? videos speak louder than pictures ... hehe

mel said...

the jeans are so cool!super pics in generall

iheartdresses said...

love the mink pink swim suits!:) and
a) could you do some more of your room posts like you did previously and show us your walk in wardrobe:)

b) what skate moves can you do? (I used to be a skateboarder myself hehe)


T said...

Hi, love your blog! You have a great sense of style!!
Check out my new blog! Bye! :)

the ultimate taste said...

Do you look at upcoming season ad campaigns? Do they inspire you? If so, please visit my blog to check out the AW09 ads.

the ultimate taste said...

And I have to say this minkpink swimwear is cool!


Awesome! And surfer chicks rock :D:D

Anonymous said...

I just read your last post and I'm sorry that the people at your school isn't very bright. But that's high school, when you're in college none of it will matter and you won't see most of them ever again.

All the swimming suits are very cute. Especially the floral two piece.

I wanted to ask you about your Country Road/Wang inspired bag. How is the leather? I'm thinking of getting it but I'm not sure yet.

Charlotte said...

I would love to surf, where about in Austrailia do you live?

Charlotte said...
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Anonymous said...

How tall are you? You look great in all your outfits!

What brand are your reading glasses? I love them... so nerdy chic!

Is Liz and Larissa the same person? I often hear you talking about one or the other.

When are you graduating? I'm from North America and I'm pretty sure Aussies are a semester ahead.

I've love to see some of your photos! Could you take pictures of your hometown? Perhaps streets in the city, the beach... I'm so curious! I know Australia is a very nice country. I'd love to visit someday.