Friday, October 16, 2009

I've been contemplating over the past few weeks why I'm even blogging.
Fashion is basically a waste of money and time if you think about it. (I know, its sad)
I suppose it makes people happy, but it's all so materialistic and will only ever be seen in pictures on the screen or the glossies for most of us.
We're paying those designers, models and etc for the luxurious lifestyles and for what?
Bunny ear headbands that cost over $400?
I can justify a laptop or camera because it is actually beneficial to most of their owners.

At least my love of anime can be enjoyed by people even in the poorest of countries, where all the kids huddle up and watch cartoons to ignore the pain of reality for just one moment.
Both anime and fashion are fantasy worlds, worlds many of us wish to be a part of.
Worlds that seem harmless and fun.
We all know what goes down in the fashion industry.
Some of those girls are doing it to escape poverty, but what are they really getting themselves into in these first world countries?
We all know the stories about the photographers in the movie Picture Me.

The amount of airbrushing and makeup and lighting, the list goes on.
By all means use the beautiful girls but why edit them into people that we will never see (if you have, wow!) in our lives or can relate to; in an illustrative way.
I see no difference in those cartoons than the pictures we see in our mags, they're both not real.
The only real thing about the two is a model is somewhere in there and there's a voice actor in the anime.

Fashion, is something that (sometimes) attracts labour to earn money to purchase the goods, which I suppose isn't so bad.
I mean, if you're rich go for it; it's your money.
And I know I'm being a hypocrite by buying lots of things but I'm not whining about who buys it.
I'm whining about the corruption, the exploitation, the deceit.
My opinion most likely won't leave this blog, but more people in the industry should really take a stand.
People like Natalia and Heidi Klum who have more than enough to sustain their lifestyles and not care what happens to their reputations and jobs.
How can they ignore that shit?

I don't know what I've just written really, it's 1:35 am and I felt like writing.
I should get a live journal account.
Thats for journal writing right?

Dressing up inspired by Louis Vuitton.
I had a break from work and decided to dress up, the pictures all turned out horrible though >_< Top; Marc Jacobs
Skirt; Alice in the Eve
Bow; A cropped jacket, shaped.
Belt; Supre
Tights; Target
Spot tights; Target
Heels; Midas


Anonymous said...

It's a bit ironic that you are bitching about corruption, exploitation and poverty when Marc Jacobs is said to be produced by means of child labor, along with many other of the other designer and non-designer labels you own.

I find it stupid that your willing to judge the industry/designers/models, yet not yourself. While these girls work for the corporations, you purchase from them. You seem to excuse yourself though, as if to say only the drug dealer is at fault, not the junkie. You seem to have a moral unjust against these companies but you still buy from them. It is like watching and supporting crime but then believing you are at no fault.

So please do no insult us with your blatant hypocrisy.

Maybe you weren't thinking when you wrote this. You usually seem much more intelligent. Or maybe it is time for you to do a little growing up and think about your actions and what you say, and how that all reflects upon you.

ps. Last time I checked people in the poorest of countries don't actually have televisions nor time to *huddle up and watch cartoons*

mary said...

yeah sorry babe this whole thing came out as blatantly hypocritical. Don't throw your Chanel 2.55 in our faces and then write stuff like makes you look dumb...or like you're just trying to get attention. Krystal Simpson of What Is Reality Anyways already does this stuff...and better, with more authenticity.

mary said...

yeah sorry babe this whole thing came out as blatantly hypocritical. Don't throw your Chanel 2.55 in our faces and then write stuff like makes you look dumb...or like you're just trying to get attention. Krystal Simpson of What Is Reality Anyways already does this stuff...and better, with more authenticity.

Jenny Cindy said...

I love your take on the LV look - you did such a good job re-creating the bunny ears!

Jessica said...

Amazing! as usual you are perfect!

InnyVinny said...

I understand where you're coming from. Secondly, I don't think you're being hypocritical. This subject can get tough for bloggers who both enjoy and dislike fashion.

Re: mary's comment, you have what you have. No need to go and throw out your 2.55 once you have an epiphany or change of opinion. There is a lot wrong with the industry, plenty to enjoy about the industry, and more than enough room on the internet to write what you feel on your own blog.

Anonymous said...

every one of these comments suggest very valid points, however i would have to say that i do not agree whatsoever with the first comment because she isn't exactly bitching about all these things is she?
she's expressing her feelings, just like 'anonymous' is doing through her comment. a very judgemental comment at that, i think

i imagine it can be hard for a blogger, and i understand where your coming from. i'd like to see more posts like this to be honest, your being very truthful. and i like that :) keep it up yeah?

Anonymous said...

and the video post?

Sabrina said...

I love the outfit...dont care about the rest

Mayumi said...

I get where you're coming from, even though there in no way can i afford the things you buy, but whatever happens people will always love the fashion world in some way or other.
can't really explain what i want to say...
you're blog is to me a fashion blog, and you're one my biggest inspiration, not just because of what you wear, but how you think too.
is that weird?
i hope not :)

KEREN said...

An adorable outfit, and an interesting rant. I have those moments all the time, where I contradict myself and get tangled in my thoughts. But I'm lazy and try to put all thoughts to rest and focus on things that require less headache. ♥

alison said...

1. Great outfit! You look wonderful

2. I completely agree with what you're saying. I have such a love & hate relationship with fashion. Between the fact that it's structured through social classes, and all the other negative points, I really could never bring myself to get a job in the fashion industry.

Mega said...

anonymous: Actually, I knew someone would bring that up :)

I don't buy anything over $200. Ever.

My mum does. Its actually my mum's shirt, which she got for $120 at a sale in David Jones. I don't think it'[s bad to borrow my mum's clothes and accessories, who wouldn't borrow their rent's thins? Its just stupid to let all her stuff go to waste.

I have NEVER bought any of my handbags.

And yeah, maybe not in Africa but I suppose I was only refferring to my nationality's country. The Asian ones. Most of them do have a neighbor with one television. I was a very poor kid and was so lucky to have a mother who was strong and hard working, so we bought a television. We'd share it with the rest of the neighborhood and I remembered that was like Christmas every time we watched our show.

So yeah, I'm not really being hypocritical because I wear my MOTHER'S clothes.I think of it as free vintage.

Mega said...

Oh wait, I take that back. I have chosen things over $200 for my mother to buy, but that is because she's the type of mum who likes their kid wearing expensive things. eg Giving me her Chanels.

If it were my money, nooo waay.

Of course its nice, and Im not going to say no. It makes my mum happy and in a family of 4 boys and a shunned sister, I'm my mums only kid and friend in a way. (we live on a farm and all the boys are expected to run the farm with my dad)

chi said...

Yes! i would totally support your move to LJ. sometimes we need a blog or online journal that we can be ourselves without having to worry about people scrutinizing over every line we right.

i hope i dont come off as condescending when i say i really like this journal post of yours because it really show who you are as a person under all the glitz and pretty things. you're an amazing person :x


Love the outfit!
Didn't read the rest, there's too much fuss about that!

Anonymous said...

A blog is a place where bloggers put their thought and opinions on a webpage. That is exactly what you have done. So, I say perfect job on this post! :D

Marie said...

You are so cute! I love your blog! I come from germany and i am so happy to have found your blog!

Music on. World off. said...

I agree totallt with you. I feel exactly the same way.

mango said...

i completely understand what you're talking about, sometimes you just can't help feel that fashion/clothes, etc. it's all just a double standard.

Anonymous said...

I find this very offensive. I realize that this is your blog and you have the right to say anything you please.... but you are wrong. Being a Designer myself, Fashion is an art form and I can tell you that most of us do not do it for the money. We do it because we love it and it is our ART. Please do not say such things when you know don't know anything. I used to be a fan of your blog, but now I will never return. Stick to the anime.. and leave fashion alone. If you don't appreciate it then don't follow it. Thank you.

Ivy said...

I agree with the majority of what you wrote. I, too, have a "fashion blog" but also an entirely separate blog on LiveJournal to write what I want to write and think without the possibility of the public bitching at what I have to say. With that said, I think you should get one too! If you get one, add me? :)

Ivy said...

I just read the comment before mine and literally laughed out loud at the poster for taking things so seriously. It's Mega's blog and she has the right to express her opinions or what she's feeling if she wants. It's fine if you're "offended" but to go as far as saying that you used to be a fan but you'll never return for one "offensive" post is a bit too much and over-dramatic.

Anonymous said...

comments are for people to express their opinions so why are you telling the poster before you not to say what he or she wants to say when you are defending mega for expressing her opinion

Faridah said...

You look great and did a good job with the bunny ears. I like the honesty of this post, why not say what you think, I say. x

rawrskiies said...

For a 17 year old girl, you can sure afford such designer labels.
I envy you =X. hehe

On a side note it's good for the (Australian)economy xDD. win, win situation c[=.

Eva Madrid said...

great post!!
i love controversy ;D
Be well

Antonio Barros said...

Adorable outfit!!!

Lovely blog! I will start to follow you!

AMIT said...

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Ivania said...
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Tala said...

love the bunny ears look !! for another diy version, read here:

your blog is amazing keep up the great work :)

Kim said...

I want to put you in my pocket:)

Martha Gonzalez said...

me encanto tu estilo!!! y acerca de lo que escribiste es cierto, aveces la moda cae en esto pero tambien puede ser una forma de ser mas que un sistema de consumo. saludos desde MEXICO


...Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening....

Sugar B. K. said...

You made me think! ;)

sharonlei said...

You have such a fun blog.. glad I came across it.

Love & Aloha, S