Friday, October 16, 2009

Lots of the stuff I write gets criticized, lol.
I don't take myself seriously.
I don't take this blog seriously.
Like come on, I have to stop myself at times for overusing smiley's and writing too colloquially.
This is just something I do because I think the fashion-blogging community is generally a nice place to be with nice people.
I'll probably move to mporpg or forum's after this :P

So yeah, I just dot down whatever I'm thinking at usually insane hours.
Of course not everyone will agree and answers are given in the comments - especially for the last post.

And why is there no promised video?
Because I had made one, put it on my usb and my usb magically disappears.
Woo hoo.
I've been emo since I've lost it ;__;

Anyway, here's my back to school essentials for my last year.
I have more but they're scattered throughout my room.

Faber Castell Highlighters
Smiggle scissors
Kikki. K pencil case, pencil refills, pencil/pen thing, Notepad(big) and Diary(little).
Assorted pens and post-it's.
Bobbi Brown makeup bag used as Ipod Touch and phone case.
Karen Walker sunnies.


KEREN said...

You're right to take things lightly, and I commend you for it. Also, your essentials are all so cute and colorful! ♥

eliza etc said...

I was sitting with my friend in a cafe the other night and we were chatting about fashion, blogging, etc. and she mentioned how she was following this amazing blog by a girl in QLD who had great style... "Absolutely Oblivious, or something?" We couldn't believe we both avidly followed your blog and hadn't made the connection!

Mega! You are more than welcome to your opinion - that is what blogging is ABOUT. It's your blog so write what you want and what you feel. I'm sure we are all torn at times between what we know, love and feel. That's life. So please don't leave the blogging world! There are at least 2 Adelaide girls who would miss you loads.

Regarding comments to your last post; fair enough. People are entilted to their opinions. But to those who disagreed most with your comments, there are plenty of other blogs you can read. By publishing your thoughts on a world stage, you must expect some criticism. But not blatant rudeness. You aren't throwing your Chanel 2.55 in our faces... But if you want to throw it in mine I will be happy to receive it lol.

Keep up the good work.


Mega said...

aaw, thanks girl <3 That made my week :D I can't beleive people in Aus are reading my blog! Yay! ^__^

KAELA said...

mmMmMm i love stationary! x

Anonymous said...

Ooh, your stuff looks great! I'm really loving your pencilcase and diary - pretty!

Your blog is a joy to read, seriously. I really like looking at your oufit posts and reading about what you think and stuff :)

Fun fun fun!

lolizzie said...

I might just cry if you leave LOL ><
I'm fifteen and I absolutely admire you! You're gorgeous and you seem like such a great person to befriend, please dont go!


Sal said...

Hey Mega I don't usually post comments, but I think I have to this time :)
I love what you said in your last post, so true! And I love that you care enough to state your opinion -fashion can be so vain (although I love it!). I'm a 16 yr old Sydney-sider and adore your blog. Your stationary is so cute! Just wondering...

1. What do people at your school think of you carrying designer bags
2. What's Mega short for?

daisybydaisy said...

i love your bolg!
i really like your style
and hope you can show us the make up products & perfume that u use everyday


Xisca said...

It's the first time I see ur blog, and i love it! It's so fashion... Your head band of the last post is of Channel?
Or dior..
Hum I know that Maddona wore one similar.

Leire said...

Love your outfit in the last post... and I like the way you criticize the all those issues existent in the fashion world... is it hypocrisy to then "support" them by buying? Perhaps... but then you admit it anyway and we really are all hypocrites one way or the other so... really, I don't like if people accuse you of anything just because you are stating truths.

Anyway, I didn't want to start talking bout that! Lol... just wanted to ask how your job in Diva was going on... C u! You rock, as always =)

Mega said...

Daisybydaisy:I will put that on my to do list XD

Xisca: Thankyou! Its just a jacket inspired by Louis Vuitton actually xD

Leire:Yeah, I think everyone is a hypocrite but I don't buy their brands anyway. My mum does though. I just wear her stuff because it would be a waste if she just gave them away.

And actually I havnt started yet! D: I start in December :)

Francuzeczka said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Francuzeczka said...

I wish I could find school things as cute as yours...

And don't care about peoples' opinions! These people don't have to read it at all.


mica said...

i got that exact notepad book from Kikki.K! its so pretty isnt it? ;)

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