Saturday, October 17, 2009


Ok, im not trying to offend anyone here but if you are, meh.
I'm not discriminating against a race, beleifs etc.
Its just fashion dudes :\
Life isnt all about fashion or anime or whatever else.
Sure some people 'breathe' fashion but there really is more to life.
Friends and family matter a whole bunch more so who cares about someones opinion about what you love doing?
Its who you love you should get serious about.

Yeah, I write my thoughts to share with everyone else and yeah, you're entitled to your opinions but gees, some people are getting so serious :\
I get copped for being in love with cartoon characters but as long as I'm not getting bashed (literally) I dont care.

Just...Why are people so serious? o__o
My rants aren't serious so don't take them seriously.
I'm a nobody so it doesn't matter what I think or say.

On with life; I bought this shirt for my brother, and wasn't quite sure why he didn't like it.
It was a print t-shirt, great fitting on his petite frame and the colours were just so cute.
Then I took a look at the picture.

I found these spot thigh high stockings and am in search for full length stockings.
I've also conjured quite the stocking collection over the past few years, I might show you guys some time.
Cant wait to wear the thicker ones next winter!


Anonymous said...

I've been looking everywhere for suitable spotted stockings too!! Where ever did you find them?!

ACE said...

Out of all the things to notice in this post, I noticed the Pleasure State clothes hanger, the Couture Label one to be exact (I obviously work way too much). Major props.

Mega said...

Theresa: Target! :D

ACE: They're really cool. My mum bought lingerie from them *shudder*. I got to keep the hangers ;D

Sushi said...

Oh snap! Just this afternoon I bought a pair of full length dot stockings from this seller on eBay. Can't wait to get them x Sushi

Karobaro said...

Awesome t-shirt!

heleen said...

I really like how you photographed the stockings

Mary said...

I'm checking out Target right away - I've been wanting spotty stockings too!

Faridah said...

Gorgeous photos! x

bambi said...

I love the stockings :) Who would of thought you could get stockings like this in shudder target! (isn't it a bit warm to be wearing stockings?)
I like what you said in this post, it's so true, some people do take things to seriously.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful stockings. It'll be really difficult to find comfortable thigh-highs though, so good luck <3

P.S. Don't degrade yourself. You aren't a nobody. Just eff the haterz and do what you want, because it's your life. Love, your fellow Otaku for life :)

Project NineteenEightyTwo said...

lol @ the shirt, adorable stockings, & I agree with Frances,
You are NOT a nobody. (def. an adorable girl with killer fashion taste *wink*) Screw the haters. =)

Esther said...

where on earth did you get that awesome shirt?? :D

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

lison said...

don't let them get you down :) i like reading your thoughts and seeing all your photos!! :)