Friday, January 22, 2010


This is the first day I've worked on this blog since the Hiatus and it feels goood.
Nice and clean!
Tomorrow I'm going to clean my whole room and set up my school crap.
Attempted to study and do assignments over the holidays but I just couldn't!
And exams are in the second month...

Lizzy and I went to some Pancake Palace place in the Gold Coast.
I found out I have a Lactose intolerance.
No wonder I fart after lots of chocolate.

I was playing around with my camera and got some nice colours.
So need a feather jacket/vest right now; possibly in these colours.

New school shoes.

You wish Batman came to your shopping centre.

My attempts at making porridge cute.


HannahandSophie said...

I loovee these photos! It would be awesome if you did a how to video on some of your photos.. lame i know, but im interested.

and yeah, those colours are gorgeous!

rachel kathleen said...

Oh my god, I feel your pain about the lactose intolerance. I kept wondering why I was so much more gross than my friends after a chocolate binge too! Are you seriously allowed to wear those shoes to school? I would have been given detention.

rachel kathleen said...

Also I'd love to be on your blogroll -

Anonymous said...

cute porridge hehe, love the shoes! xx

Elle said...

Love the dress. Reminds me of Marissa/Mischa. Something Marissa would wear to prom! Miss her and The OC. U haven't linked me b4 but I'd love it if we could exchange links? :D

EN VANITÉ said...


Amanda said...

The porridge looks cute.

steph jay said...

yayyy! i'm so glad you're back :) i'd like to be on your blogroll -

thanks lovely.

The Owl's Closet said...

u look lovely in ur dress!!:)

laurenwoodward said...

wow those pictures are such good quality ! what camera do you use?

Release Karma said...

I know how you feel. I'm not lactose intolerant, but I'm allergic to the protein in milk (apparently. It was the one thing they couldn't test for, so they just assumed. And everything good is dairy!! ha.

I love the photos! And I DO totally wish Batman came to our mall!!

Jenny Cindy said...

Aww the porridge looks so cute <3 haha I love stuff like that.

And I'd love to be on your blogroll ^o^

Doviliukou said...

finally got back!!!
very beautiful blog :)))

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josh said...

I'm in love with these photos! What kind of camera do you have?