Friday, January 22, 2010


This fluffly dress better be this hot in real life because I'm saving!

Sass and Bide.
I recall one of the price tags nearing $1600 AUD.
Sorry Sass and Bide but you lost a customer here.
Their $600 dresses don't sell in our David Jones, maybe they're doing really well in Sydney and Melbourne for the price hike.


Does anyone know if these are acne heels in the Sass and Bide look?



Val said...

ahh girl the fluffly dress is TO DIE FOR. If only i had the money :(

+++ Lilee said...

love! and what program do you use to make the font of the headers? like subscribe and lovelies? i'd really love to knnnow!

Mega said...

Lilee : I used the font Peach Sundress and used Photoshop to get the colours :)

Tanya N said...

Hey i stumbled upon your blog from your lookbook page...i love every single look to bitsss and pieces! the looks are pulled together intricately yet effortlessly + i love your hair + OH MY GOD YOUR BAGS. i think you need a picture up here of your bag collection..!

i recently started out too, blogging about buenos aires style & photography, i'd love it if you could check it out + tell me what you thinkk i love your style

haaappy blogging

Karobaro said...

Wow...these pieces are amazing!
Great post!

The Owl's Closet said...

loving the new blog look:) these are great looks from sass and bide. thx for sharing!

Polly said...

Good dress, good hair, good shoes!

Good blog!

★ superman said...


Anonymous said...

wow, these dresses in baby pink... they're marvelous!!!

Lu said...

Adore the new layout! Really love the black and white/metallic dresses too, think I better start saving up as well!


lolizzie said...

omgsh mega! i cant get enough of you! :$
love the new layout, awesome job! :)

HauteMangoGirl said...

your new layout is really pretty!!
and your blog is awesome anyway :)

Julia said...

the first dress is huge! it seems to de so softy...I'd kill for your blog! xoxo

Olivia said...

your new header is a-mazing!
Where is the room that you're in there? I want my walls like them!

Doviliukou said...

amazing blog, baby!!!!

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M.rolez said...

What did you do ? I love the new blog :D


'Lee said...

these pieces are just actually too amazing!
Sass and Bide never cease to amaze me dude.

Theory of a fashion victim

Blonde Chicette said...

That fluffy dress is so adorable & looks soft. I like Sass & Bide, but yeah, too expensive.

Nancy said...

oui oui. I love that collection. and those shoes leave a lasting impression.

augustalolita said...

yummy indeed!! love everything!!