Sunday, February 14, 2010

Question time again =D


Fashionkücken said...

i have a new blog :D

great blog, i like it :D

anArchitekt said...

lovely headband..what material is it?

Anonymous said...

how you can get that hair?I LOVE IT!

Alfredo Abadía said...

and what's your weight and how tall are u? you're so sknny!(:

augustalolita said...

so beautiful!!

helen said...

love ur hair!
xx helen

Anonymous said...

Are you nice & friendly? Sometimes I want to try to get to know you and other times I just don't know. But I do enjoy your blog very much. Your comment about asians in your "about me" is kinda rude to me in my opinion.

Lindsey said...

Do you wear extensions? I looove your hair!

Anonymous said...

1)do you follow any other fashion websites, fashion bloggers, or celebrities? if so, who?
2)where do you find pictures and videos of runways shows?
3)what are your favorite magazines?
4)what are some of your hobbies besides fashion?

you look lovely by the way. :)

lolizzie said...

mega im so in love with you, you're beyond beautiful :$!!
yayy for q+a time!! :D

AndTheseScarsx3 said...

What's your favorite manga/anime?
Who's your favorite fashion icon?
What's your favorite animal?
What's your biggest fear? :O

Thanks for your time :)

lyn said...

What are some of the items on your must-have list currently?
what are some of your favorite items you always reach for in your wardrobe? :)

RN said...

What music do you listen to ? :)
and do other kids dress up with style like you or do you like, stand out ?
thankss :)

RN said...

kids, people at your school **

Kelly said...

1)Favorite meal, dessert, and drink?
2)If you could visit anywhere in the world where would it be?
3)How do you make those great collages of items? (Like if you use Polyvore, how did you make the images so clear and big?)

g string addict said...

can you put together an outfit for less than $300 please?


Camilla said...

Favorite ben and jerry's flavour?
Love this photo. Beautiful.

'Lee said...

who are your inspirations?
what music do you listen to?
and what's your favourite piece of clothing/accessories?

Theory of a fashion victim

Rianna Bethany said...

The top looks liek ruffly heaven
Rianna Bethany x

Anonymous said...

What kind of sunglasses are you wearing here:

and where did you get them?? I love them!!

kait said...

What kind of car do you drive?
What are your favourite Australian stores and designers? Any overseas ones you wish we had?

ewa said...

OMG! Im totally in L O V E with ur blog.
*Could you tell me, how Can I become a member of
* And I would love to know who is your fav designer?


cinnam0n~ said...

awesome dress!!love it!!

Haayi said...

wow ... this is only one word which tell what I thing about your blog. Your blog and your style are genial , really

isabelle said...

whats your favourite shop?!

the girl in grey said...

Who is your fashion muse?
Do you look up to anyone or have a style sister/mentor?

lyn said...

How comfortable are the sam edelman boots? Is it hard/painful to walk in them?

vnss said...

Where did you get your Alexander Wang imitation Rocco Bag?

Sai Sai said...

love your photo..what camera are you using..


-sai sai

Rissa said...

If you were stuck on a desert island what 2 things (because your obviously taking me as your 3rd item) would you take?

Your answer better be good, I don't want to be hungry, hot and bored.

May I recommend you also bring along Captain Jack Sparrow? He can strap sea turtles together with his back hair for our great escape. I'd suggest Khane but he has no back hair to aid us in our great escape.

Btw, your invisible headings, try checking out what color you have your H1 set as. It'll be something like that.^^

Mayumi said...

Such a beautiful photo!
If you could live anywhere else in the world where would it be?
Not gunna lie, mine would be Australia (:

Violet said...

what are your favorite place to shop?

What Is your morning routine

What do you do when you get spare time?

Vi from Cali

TheFinerThings. said...

How do you afford all this clothing?

What are your top 10 Fashion Pet Peeves?

--Love the blog. =)

Jessica said...

hmm. have you checked out your html? i find that sometimes MOST of the time problems are caused by that, because blogger names/ID's thing so weirdly in their code.

I love that photo of you!

RUBIE said...

Thought it was probably necessary to repeat this sentiment again, you have the freaking greatest hair I've ever seen.

main page said...

You konow,your hair are aww!
did you saw it?

alisa. said...

I saw your lookbook... and I think I saw you once at Food Fantasy at Conrad ages ago.
:o ahha I think my sister mistaken you for me. hahaaha

Anonymous said...

who's your favorite manga artist?
which manga do you love to read?
do you read online or actually buy the books?

is your hair pretty damaged?

do you wear heels with almost every outfit?
since when have you been wearing heels?

Jenny~ said...

What are you top five clothing shops?

How do you stay fit? (Your so skinny!)

Will you be making more youtube videos/tutorials :)

makiii24 said...

WHAT´S YOUR CAMERA PLEASE!! :) I just need to know it...
and your beutiful :)What cosmetic do you use? Thanks for your answer :)

Victoire said...

I just found your blog and I'm in love with it! You have the most beautiful hair ever. I'm thinking of dying mine, maybe a bit darker than yours. any tips?


Maya said...

since you're an Indonesian, i just wondering if you can speak bahasa?
xo )


Really love your blog! It's absolutely obvious that I'm going to add you on my "top of blogs".

Visit me:

kisses from Spain

Malu said...

I really love your style!
You have such a great blog :D


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Cecilie said...


Nicole Jarecz said...

hey :) i've just discovered your blog and love it! i'm going to follow you...

I'm a fashion illustrator from Detroit. I hope you'll check out my work on my blog and follow me as well!


Mayumi said...

another q. do you prefer f/w or s/s collections more??
and what are your favourite forever pieces??

Initials.CC said...

we love your blog!!



claulovesfashion♥ said...

GREAT OUTFiT..LOVELY headband...!*

Visit my last POST! =;-D


Champagne said...

Someone already ask the manga question, but let me mix it up a bit.

1)If you could choose to read only three manga for the rest of your life which would they be?

2) What anime/manga are you obessed with at the moment.(For me its Clannad the After story, and Aria the Natural for manga Rin-ne and Yotsuba?!)

Anonymous said...

love your blog! and the outfit is gorgeous.

Alexicon said...

Gonna do a follow-up hair question. What do you tell your stylist before he/she cuts your hair?

Laken.StLouisGirl said...

please check out my blog (:
love always,

temple of style said...

Hi! Love your blog!! :)

Post some more often please (a) :) xoxo

steph said...

how did you get such an amazing figure? o: do you work out/exercise a lot or something?

Anonymous said...

hey girlie, I'd love to read your blog but can't find the older posts?! where I can find them? I think there should be some link to the older posts...?

I found you from and there are so great outfits from you and I would like to see them in here too!

Next-Trend said...

I am in love with your blog <3

Ra said...

I'm glad you aren't on hiatus anymore!

-How do you style your hair?

-How do you keep your skin so pretty?

-Exercise routine?

-Favorite beauty product?

-Favorite hair product?

the girl in grey said...

- Who is your fashion style icon?

- How would you categorize your fashion style?

- Favorite stores/boutiques?

- Favorite brand of all time.

- Play any sports/have any hobbies?

Vy Nguyen said...


What grade are you currently in?
and if you are on your last year of highschool. How do you find the time to take pictures and everything, in your hectic schedule! Cause I am even struggling to have a social life ;___;

Blush and Sage said...

omg. Just reposted this as my favorite of the week. xo!

Vanessa.L said...

If you were going to Bond, when will you be enrolling for it?