Sunday, February 14, 2010

Something quick and easy.

I don't know why my blog titles are invisible :S
Sorry for the long hiatus again.
School and laziness :(

What I wore on an outing with my brothers.
Ugh, had the rattiest hair from working in the wind without tying it up.
And its gone multicoloured.
How embarrassing.

Leather Jacket - Sportsgirl; Black singlet underneath - Ladakh; White singlet over - Sass and Bide; Ring - Diva; Jeans - Bettina Liano; Bag - Chanel 2.55 Caviar; Shoes - Sam Edelman

And some random photos I took in my room.


maria.maliki said...

love this
awesome pics

Faridah said...

Fabulous pictures! I really love the leather jacket with this look. Hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day!

Annachiara said...

you're a dream...i totally loove your style!!!

Clare said...

Lovely pictures! Cool and comfortable outfit.

Love your blog, do have a look at mine :)



Suz said...

love your shoes!

Lucy said...

love the s&b top, and i've been eying that jacket for a while now but it looks so awesome on i think i might have to splurge on it!

please, please, pleeaase tell me where you got those cage lace up flats from?
just what I've been looking for like all summer and never found!


EN VANITÉ said...

sheet girl

lyn said...

Nice outfit, I need those shoes so bad. :(

RITA said...

i love your chanel bags;)

Violet said...

i love these photos... you look great! at first i thought you said to WORK out with your brothers and i was like... in that? lol

Vi from Cali

little shadow said...

I wish it was cold enough to wear outfits like this.
That sportsgirl jacket is to die for.
Seriously, I would kill for it.

isabella said...

Amazing pics!
Love the outfitt!
Lovely blogg!

please check out & comment my blog!
and follow please :)!

Uly said...

oh love your blog and your style :)

check mine out

Fashion Pix said...

So beautiful! I really like your pictures, they always have someting interesting.