Wednesday, June 29, 2011


And with updates...

The HSC was making me pretty depressed, especially since my marks were super low. (not to self, STUDY)
But it turns out once you enter the real world you can get into university regardless of your marks!
Hooray for people who thought school was a waste of time!

Also with my laziness and moving to Sydney for about half a year doing what seemed to be twenty projects at once I avoided blogging in fear the posts would be severely downgraded in quality but since when have they possessed such poise? lol.
Shockingly with my added 12kg people recognized me and usually on my no makeup, lazy uni/lazy work clothes. Gaaah.
But you Sydney readers are darlings and I love you all!

Moving on, I am now currently back in the Gold Coast contemplating on a business law degree in university or tafe studies, working in my favourite jewelry shop; Lovisa and doing photoshoots for friends on the side.
I'm working on a fun business partnership with my best friend Riss that will shortly be announced sometime this or next month! (Hopefully)
I am soo sorry for not replying to any messages, I forgot the password to the email linked to my blog and had to call the hotmail company a few times to get back ownership.
So if you have any questions, please feel free to comment now :)


Day Out

Trop Fest

Fashion Buyers thing that I forget the name of :S

All photo's except one of me at Tropfest taken by me.

P.s. I'm fixing up my layout!


Jess said...

I gassssssped when i saw your post! Glad you're posting and hope QLD is good to you :-)

Mega said...

Aw thats cute! <3 Thankyou!!

Serafina said...

OMG! You're finally back. I've missed your blog so much! ^^ <3<3<3

freyja said...

yayyy it was about time girl, can't wait for new posts :)

Michele said...

ahhh so glad you're back!!

just wondering, what camera do you shoot with? such lovely pictures

Mega said...

I use a Nikon D700 :)

Ebony said...

i was so shocked when i saw ur post in my bloglovin yay finally your back

M.rolez said...

cool ! please upload more picts ! :D in love with your blog for many months !
Love your blog ! and now im so happy to say you welcome again ! xoxo from spain :)

Vasilieva said...

the snaps are gorgeous, awesome selection

Amanda said...

yayyy i'm so glad you're back!

RDYN! said...

I saw you in Sydney a few months ago, and I thought it wasn't you hearing that you were supposed to be QLD. I'm disappointed I didn't approach you! Good Luck!

nez said...

yay you're back! i love your blog x

Chantelle said...

YESSSSSSSSSS!! SO excited that you're back!

elisa said...

Where does your vest and your bag (on the first photo) come from?

makeup artist in Sydney said...

That looks so great! That's definitely something I want to look into doing. :)
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