Saturday, July 2, 2011


 It's so funny how just five years ago we were two kids walking up the hill known as 'Kingscliff's whine.' 
Long story short, Kingscliff high was my school and everyone hated this hill because it was so steep to walk with all our books.
As I was saying, my friend and I haven't really grown up more than those days.
Except the fact that we now have automobiles to get up that damn motherf*dger.
She's an aspiring model deemed as 'plus size' when in reality, she is still very much skinnier than the average person.
And I mean she isn't even close to a size 4 American.
This is just a shoot we did for fun at her house in Sydney one day.
Photos, hair and makeup by me.


Lisa said...

gorgeous gorgeous pictures! So glad that you're back to blogging...for a while there I didn't think you would return!


Vasilieva said...

absolutely gorgeous shots

Pipsa said...

You can't believe how glad I am that you're back :) Your style and blog are (and were) my absolute favourite and your look is so inspirational! Welcome back, can't wait to continue "seeing" you more often, haha!

Mega said...

Aw thanks guys! I love sharing my photo's and inspirations to people so that hopefully it will put a smile on someones dile. Thats all its about! :D

Have a superb day girlies <3

Jess said...

Yikes your photos skills are amazing! You're sooo talented!

Cinja said...

oh my god she's gorgeous! great photos

freyja said...

Wowww the first shot is breathtaking, she is stunning ! but wtf she is skinny, modeling world !!!!

CINDY NGO said...

she is absolutely gorgeous! great shots, girl!


whitney said...

You don't know how happy I am that you've revived your blog! Amazing photos!

lolizzie said...

so beautiful!
and I'm so glad you're back! :D
hopefully I'll bump into you in Sydney, it'd be such an honour! :)

Tayler said...

So gorgeous!! I can't believe that she was considered plus size!!

<3 <3