Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Went to lovely Melbourne for one night and learnt a valuable lesson.
Double check your flight is either 06:00 or 18:00.
My mum cost me a nice sleep and an extra days worth of exploring :(
More piccies soon!

Oh, and this is my hair colour post dye.
It was a gross blonde pre dye.

This Valleygirl top is beyond an amazing find in my opinion, I feel like I should limit one post explaining the importance of such a staple in a wardrobe.
Maybe I will and/or should?
$25 and considering a semi tailored but loose fitted, long sleeved, cream blouse that doesn't look like I'm off to work is hard to find for a girl my height let alone just find in that perfect category.
I was tempted to buy the $250 One Teaspoon blouse but I'm glad I didn't since I got chocolate on the first day wearing this shirt.
Also the One Teaspoon button up with loose and open breast pockets are on sale around the $100 mark in David Jones at the moment in case anyone was interested.

Everyone needs to grab a pair of Karen Walkers sunglasses.
I am slowly building my collection.
People tend to stick to a particular style that suits them and their style and I think her styles are really becoming my genuine sunglass style?
They're over sized enough, don't fall off my nose and I've worn these enough for people in the center I work in to recognize me from a mile away in them.
Or perhaps I'm still experimenting fashion trends?

The fluffy top was a great buy too, $19 by Mink Pink from City Beach.
A fluffy top, especially in black, gives texture but softens an edgy type of outfit I think.
But they're so hard to find without it looking too cheap. :(

And these Alexander wang shorts I ordered online need to be worn with a belt and it's the smallest size.

Messing around in the hotel.


G. said...

That first picture of you is like, va-va-voom!
And also, do you know what the black Mink Pink top is called, exactly, or where I could find it online? It's lovely and I'd like to get one.

msavila33 said...

absolutely love your shorts..they look amazing on you.

MechanicalGirl said...

your sunglassess are georges

NatashaNicole said...

Your so pretty!! I love those shorts and that furry top!! xx the Garage Gypsy blog

j. said...

you're actually so gorgeous :)
i love your sunglasses, they're incredible - will definitely look into investing in a pair!
jessie x
the weekend project.

Candypop said...

:) Karen Walker im excited cos im getting my first pair this Friday im hoping ox Love your shorts

lolizzie said...

My goodness Mega you're just a little ball of perfection! :O <3

paledivision said...

Ahh, you're gorgeous!
I love the leather shorts :)

Miss Jessica said...

the first pic of you is gorgousssss!

VANESSA said...

the shorts are amazing!!!! love the sunglasses too!!!!

Nikki said...

Love your shorts and sunglasses!! you look great!!

iola said...

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Smile. You are in Paradise! said...

love this sunglass!

iola said...
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AMELIE said...

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Anonymous said...

great pics :)

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Fionna Cheuk said...

Loving the hair color and how much volume it has. I wish I had as much volume in my hair as you did :(

And I want those sunnies!

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